Everything About Vitamin K2
Everything About Vitamin K2

Everything About Vitamin K2

K vitamins are a group of fat-soluble vitamins. Vitamins K1 and K2 are the two most important forms of vitamin K found in foods. While Vitamin K1 is known for its role in blood coagulation, Vitamin K2 is a new
form of vitamin K that is important for its role in building and maintaining bone and preventing calcium build-up in the vessels.

In a published study; While reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, innovative treatment methods that should be applied to optimize bone strength and reduce the risk of fractures were included. In a
study, it was stated that vitamin K2 is necessary along with calcium, vitamin D and magnesium to support strong bones and healthy vessels.

In this study, the researchers conducted a comprehensive and systematic review of the scientific literature to determine the most appropriate dietary strategies and nutritional supplements for long-term
skeletal and cardiovascular health. They summarized the elements that are useful for strengthening bones while maintaining the softness and flexibility of the veins as follows:

-To obtain calcium from dietary supplements as well as from animal protein, fruit and vegetable intake;

-To increase potassium consumption simultaneously while reducing sodium intake;

-Keeping vitamin D levels within the normal range and

-Increasing the intake of foods rich in K2 vitamins.

This large-scale and statistically meticulous meta-analysis study concluded that high vitamin K2 levels decreases approximately 60% vertebral fractures, 77% hip fractures and approximately 81% of all non-
vertebral fractures. Vitamin K2 supplementation increased bone strength in postmenopausal women in a three-year clinical study. In addition, increased vitamin K2 intake is thought to be associated with a
decrease in calcium accumulation in the vessels. Clinical studies have proved [in three years] that vitamin K2 supplementation increases the elasticity of vessels."

Researchers recommend increasing the intake of foods rich in vitamin K2 to maintain skeletal and cardiovascular health. But the only meal that contains enough vitamin K2 is the Japanese dish Natto. For
this reason, it is recommended to take nutritional supplements or functional foods containing Vitamin K2 to get enough.

Vitamin K2 activates proteins that help the body use calcium properly by simultaneously supporting the skeletal and cardiovascular health.